Groups and Activities

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  • Computer skills tutoring
  • Recovery Library
  • Peer-to-Peer groups
  • Exercise equipement
    • Treadmill
    • Recumbent exercise bike
    • Mats and resistance bands
  • Spirituality groups
  • Diet and nutrition groups
  • Arts and crafts groups
  • Relaxation groups
  • Poetry groups 
  • Journaling groups

Group Rules

1. Groups Will Start and End on Time
  • Groups will be 45 minutes or less (members may continue a group meeting if they choose)  except for business or membership meetings
2. Turn Off, or turn to silent, Mobile Phones and No Texting
  • If you must take a call, please get up quietly and answer the call in another room.
3. Confidentiality
  • What is said here stays here!
4. One Member Speaks at a Time
  • Please no cross-talk. Listen to each member and do not interrupt.
5. Respect Each Member and Do Not Judge
  • Keep and open mind and respect different points of view. Honor a member's right to pass and share when they are ready.
6. Remember We are Peers, Not Experts
  • Ask and gain a member's permission before giving advice.
7. Use "I" Statements When Speaking
  • For example: "I think..." or "I feel..."
8. Give Feedback About the Group
  • Say what worked well for you and what you could have done differently.
9. Adhere to the Topic of the Group
  • Also, limit your responses so that all members have an opportunity to share.
10. If You are Triggered or Feel Unsafe,
  • Speak to a Wellness Mentor or the Manager for assistance
  • Karaoke
  • Group trips and picnics
  • Business meetings
  • Holiday parties
  • Social gatherings
  • Cultural activities
  • Advocacy events
  • English and Spanish GED tutoring
  • NAMI New Jersey Expressive Arts Program
    • Poet's Open Mic
    • Writing Workshop
  • Social groups