Ground Rules

All members are expected to volunteer around the Center. This is your center, so let's take care of it!

Please eat and drink in the kitchen area. Don't forget to clean up after yourself.

If there are too many members, or on a party day, you may eat in the living room. However, be careful; if you drop something, clean it up.

Please pick up after yourself and use the recycling bins in the kitchen, or the wastebaskets located throughout the Center.

Fifteen minutes prior to closing clean up the Center, turn off all computers and electronics, use the restrooms, and gather your belongings so we can leave on schedule.

Membership Rules

1. Treat everyone respectfully.

2. Confidentiality is very important: "Whatever is said here stays here."

3. Volunteering is expected by all members for the daily operations of the Moving Forward Community Wellness Center.

4. Please enter and leave the Center by using the front door only.

5. No rumors or negativity is allowed (i.e. no bashing, put-downs or ridiculing a member or the self-help center).

6. Drinks are allowed to be brought into the Center.   No food, other than light snacks will be allowed in the center. If you are going to purchase meals at local eateries, please eat there.  Facilitators may bring their own food from home or eat across the street; at least one facilitator must remain in the center at all times.

7. Clean up after yourselves: If you make a mess, please clean it up.  At the end of the day, clean-up will be announced to inform the members that we will be closing soon. Since we all would like to leave on time, please work together to return the Center to the state in which you found it when we opened. Do not disappear or run downstairs before successfully completing this task.

8. The borrowing, selling, trading and giving of cigarettes, money or any other item(s) is strictly prohibited.

9. If you come to the Center and it becomes apparent to the other members, based on your inappropriate behavior and disruptions, that you are under the influence you will be asked to leave for the day. If you are asked to leave by a facilitator or manager, please leave the center immediately.
  • Do not share, sell or bring illicit, prohibited drugs or alcohol to the center or anywhere on the grounds.
  • Do not share, sell or trade your personal prescription medications--this can be dangerous.
10. Seat belts must be worn at all times while in the van. Please do not remove the seat belts until the van comes to a complete stop. Report any problems with the van to the driver as soon as possible so we can promptly address the matter.

11. If using van transportation, sign-up on the sheet provided at the Center. Please remember to write down your pick-up and drop-off locations (e.g. RUBHC, Metroplex, home, ride in only, ride home only, etc.)
  • In the event you need to cancel for a day that you are signed-up for, please notify us 24-hours in advance.
  • If you have not signed up for transportation but find you really need to come to the center for peer support, notify us as soon as possible and we will make every effort to get you to the self-help center and home.
  • Emergencies happen which may prevent you from canceling 24-hours in advance (e.g. illness, family matters, pipes burst, ER visits, etc.) We only request that you call the Center as soon as you are able to do so.  If you reach our voicemail system, please state your name, briefly state the nature of your emergency and if you need help. If you know when you would like to reschedule van transportation, let us know or request that we return your call.
  • Every rule was created and approved by the membership and CSPNJ.  Therefore, it is expected that all members will follow them to the best of their ability in order to ensure that our Community Wellness Center remains a safe, warm, friendly and welcoming environment. Accommodations will be available to any member when approved by the manager or membership.
  • Rules may be changed, revised, deleted or added when the members or CSPNJ feel it is necessary to do so. In order to preserve fairness and ensure inclusive representation by the membership, notify the manager in advance of  business or membership meetings. Rules up for vote will be placed on the meeting agenda, discussed and voted upon.

Thank you!