Mission Statement

The Moving Forward Community Wellness Center (MFCWC) is designed to empower mental health consumers to realize a lifestyle centered on wellness. Community Wellness Centers offer an environment for learning and growth in a comfortable, supportive setting easily accessible to New Jersey mental health consumers. The atmosphere and daily operations are managed through the collaborative efforts of the Community Wellness Center membership and the CSPNJ. MFCWC provides an environment of support where consumers can relax, feel respected and accepted, and have the opportunity to connect and bond with a network of friends. The Center provides a place where consumers can grow in the spirit of giving and gaining through
mutual aid self-help.

How they work

The Community Wellness Center members and leadership share individual and collective ideas about daily operations. Center members are encouraged to participate at a level at which they feel comfortable. They may choose to relax in a supportive environment and/or assume an active role in activities and events.

Why they work

Individuals who experience similar life challenges often have the ability to assist and respond to the needs of others in an empathic and compassionate manner. This unique type of assistance and caring provides a special, valuable source of support to help people feel accepted and reach new wellness potentials.